Dan Tartakovski

Dan went to elementary school and high school in Mexico City. Since his youth, Dan has been interested in Bible studies and took Bible courses for 3 years. Dan has a degree in International Business Administration.  He also has a degree in Architecture, Art and Popular Culture in Mexico City. Additionally, Dan has taken a one-year course at Harvard Law School.

Dan is a volunteer at the Red Cross, and he was awarded the Cross of Honor and Perseverance of the Red Cross. He is also a National Instructor in the Mexican Red Cross. Dan has collaborated on articles in the Excélsior Newspaper, the Siempre magazine, the Kesher Newspaper, and the CDI Newspaper of the Jewish Community. He is an Honorary Member of the Mexico-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and is also an Honorary Member and Founder of the Yad Vashem Association of Mexico.

Dan has done volunteer work for B’nai B’rith for many years and has held various positions. He has been President of the Human Rights Commission of the B’nai B’rith Cultural Association, B’nai B’rith’s Special International Ambassador, a Member of the Board of Governors of B’nai B’rith International, Special Advisor to the World President, Secretary General of the Branch Logia Spinoza Cap. 1176 B’nai B’rith Mexico, Vice President Elect for District XXIII BBI North of Latin America and the Caribbean. He has also served as an Advisor for the Chamber of Commerce Mexico-Israel and as Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce Mexico-Israel.

The Torah Project that was presented to Pope Francis in February 2017, was developed and promoted by Dan who is also a great art collector. Together with the Italian Art Publishing House Arte Scritta, Dan published a magnificent book containing the 5 books of the Torah that was illustrated with 27 Litho-serigraphs by the international Jewish painter of Sephardic origin, Baruj Salinas.  This project was a historical event because it is the first time that the Vatican officially received a Jewish Document of this nature.

Dan’s parents, Malka and Yuir, are prominent members of the Mexican Jewish Community, and have both encouraged and supported Dan throughout his career.

In his spare time, Dan likes to travel to Florida to spend time with his extended family Isaac and Doris Salinas, Uri and Gina Strauss, and especially his godchildren Dianne and Joshi Strauss.