Joel Hochberg

Joel has had an illustrious and remarkable career, but he is both a private and highly modest individual. Although he spent decades in the gaming industry (games, not wagering) and did very well for himself, he continues to work as few others will or can. When asked why, he says, “My purpose at this point in life is to help others. So, my days are largely spent working to create models of perpetuity that will benefit others. You know, even the deepest well will eventually run dry if you are not doing something to sustain it.”

Although Joel is involved in many philanthropic ventures, his passion is the education of children. He works diligently within academia to see that students of all ages can pursue their scholastic dreams. Hochberg Preparatory School is just one small example of the several academic causes he and his wife, Marcia, support and how they give back to the community on a daily basis. Joel says in jest, “You know, you don’t open a school for the money.” His philanthropic and personal time commitments to education (schools, foundations, scholarships, etc.) are beyond rival and unparalleled.

Joel Hochberg is a colorful, energetic, wise, experienced, philanthropic, caring and non-assuming man. When you sit back and reflect on Joel’s long list of successful and prosperous achievements, one thing stands out more than anything else. It is clear that Joel’s life is mindful and purposeful around “giving back” to others and helping others that are not as fortunate. It is not only his passion, but his mission in life. This is what makes Joel one of the most outstanding individuals.